Euroanalysis XXI, Geneva, Switzerland

Euroanalysis XXI took place in Geneva, Switzerland, on August 27th to 31st, 2023.

Euroanalysis is a biannual international conference of the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the European Chemical Society.

This 21st edition was jointly organized by the Divison of Analytical Sciences of the Swiss Chemical Society (DAS) and the University of Geneva.

Euroanalysis provides a forum for the European Analytical World to discuss the latest developments in analytical sciences. The theme of the 2023 meeting was: Analytical Probing of Complex Systems. It reflects the urgent need to observe chemical changes in complex systems, from materials surfaces, to living cells and ecosystems, in real time and with adequate spatial resolution.

The conference is problem-oriented and has an interdisciplinary spirit. It brings together researchers that work in fundamental and applied sciences, but also decision makers and people intimately familiar with the systems of interest. It actively involves people from academia, federal research institutes, industry and regulatory bodies.

Four parallel sessions for keynote and contributed oral presentations were realized, along with daily poster sessions. Half and full day short courses were offered on the 27th of August. Exhibiting companies and interested delegates were able to link up with an on-site job fair.

We hope that all delegates had a wonderful time in Geneva for this conference. Euroanalysis XXII will take place in 2025 in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Eric, Bodo, Franka and Marc

Conference Chairpersons

From left: Dr. Marc Suter (Eawag), and Dr. Bodo Hattendorf (ETH Zurich), Dr. Eric Bakker (University of Geneva), Dr. Franka Kalman (HES Sion).

Euroanalysis XXI acknowledges the support of the following institutions and companies:

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